Τhe Researching Personnel is expertise in one or more sectors of the TRC activities and can be classified in the following categories:

  1. Senior Researcher: With academic qualifications equivalent to those of the Professor and the Assoc. Professor of TEI, writing and technological work on TRC activity areas and experience in robust development and materialization funded researching works.
  2. Junior Researcher: With academic qualifications equivalent to those of the Assistant Professor of TEI and furthermore to has documented capability to execute researching and technological work.
  3. Collaborator Researcher: Graduate from Greek or from abroad High Educational Institution with documented capability to responsible execution one part or one face of a researching work.
  4. Visitor Researcher: It corresponds to one of the above mentioned categories of researching personnel with the corresponding qualifications. The visitor researcher could be from abroad. The recruitment and the working relation of visitor researcher are defined in any case after the Scientific Council decision and according to the existing lows.

Members of TEI and Universities can after their application to became members of TRC researching personnel, according to the article 11, par. 4 and 5 of the low 1771/1988.

For the members of TEI and Universities which they participate in TRC's programs validate article 2, par. 6 of the low 21/1994 (Α΄18).


The Technical and Administrative-Utility personnel is hired in order to execute specific scientific and technical infrastructure works of the T.R.C., to support the research and to staffing administrative and financial sectors, after a proclamation to the R.T.C. base published news papers upon the decision of the Scientific Council. They are signing a private labor convention of defined time span, which could not be extended in a convention of undefined time span.

The salary is defined in the convention, which is determined by the Scientific Council and in any case after the T.R.C. director suggestion.

As far as concern their duties, rights, discipline low, convention solution and in general issues concerning the personnel the provisions of the T.R.C. Internal Regulation are applied.

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