The T.R.C. Director is appointed by the Minister of National Education and Religions.

The T.R.C. of Epirus and Ionian Islands Director is a Professor of T.E.I. of Epirus who has an excellent researching work in one or more sectors of the T.R.C. activities or/and experience in research administration.

Among the duties and the responsibilities of the Director, except those that are described and are included in the Presidential degree or appointed to him by the Internal Regulation, are also and the following:

  1. he supervises and administrates the T.R.C. services,
  2. he is the president of the Scientific Council and he suggests to the Scientific Council all the issues,
  3. he cares on the execution of the Scientific Council decisions,
  4. he represents the T.R.C. in Courts in every kind relations with third persons,
  5. he exercises all the responsibilities relevant to the administration of the T.R.C. which are not appointed to another organ from the Presidential degree or the Internal Regulation of the T.R.C.

The tenure of the Director is a three years period and it can be renewed.

The T.R.C. of Epirus & Ionian Islands is Professor Sotirios S. Kandrelis

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